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Everything you want to know about Exitstack

Getting started

What is ExitStack?

ExitStack is an online platform featuring stories, deal news, and analysis about Bangladeshi and diaspora startups. It aims to share insights on companies and founders to everyone, including potential investors and partners, around the world.

Who should follow ExitStack?

ExitStack appeals to a diverse audience, ranging from global investors to aspiring founders, and anyone interested in exploring the tech and startup landscape, both locally in Bangladesh and globally.

Who are the people behind ExitStack?

ExitStack is a collaborative effort between Anchorless Bangladesh, a New York-based venture capital firm focused on investing in Bangladesh centric startups, and LightCastle Partners, a management consultancy firm based in Bangladesh.

Publishing on ExitStack

Can I publish my article on ExitStack?

Yes, you can submit your article to ExitStack and if it aligns with our content focus, adheres to specific guidelines, and meets our quality standards, we will publish it.

How can I contact ExitStack for an article guideline?

To inquire about our article guidelines, please email us at with details about your article topic and a brief bio.

Will my article be guaranteed to be published?

Once you submit your article to our editorial team, they will review it and provide feedback. We'll also inform you if the article's topic and your background align with our platform's focus when you first contact us.

Exitstack newsletter

What does the ExitStack Newsletter offer?

The ExitStack newsletter delivers concise summaries of all the latest stories published on our platform, providing readers with a quick overview.

How frequently will it be published?

The newsletter is released once a month.

Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Yes, you have the option to unsubscribe from or resubscribe to the newsletter at any time.